ICTL Content

Topic Form 1

Topic Form 2

The programme emphasizes the integration of knowledge, skills and values.


The knowledge to be acquired in the ICTL for Secondary School Programme consists of concepts and facts about ICT, including ICT terminology. It includes procedures in managing computer laboratory, computer hardware, computer software, network and the Internet.


The skills involved are communication skills, information skills, managing computer system and problem-solving skills.


The values inculcated by the ICTL for Secondary School Programme are responsibility, accountability, respect, cooperation, virtue and abide by ICT code of ethics.


The scope of the ICTL for Secondary School Programme is designed according to four domains:

• Computer Lab Management

• Computer Hardware

• Computer Software

• Networks and The Internet

Each domain is divided into learning areas. It enables pupils to expand their knowledge, enhance their skills and inculcate values in life. The holistic approach of the content Organisation allows pupils to incorporate culture, beliefs, nvironment and experience to be a person who is open-minded, disciplined, confident and creative (Figure 1).

Pupils have various levels of competency in ICT skills. Therefore, the learning areas may be taught in any sequence according to student ability. This also means that teachers are not confined to follow the order in which the topics are set out.